Energy Saving

Multiple ways for energy saving

By making use of an efficient energy assessment of your house, you can find many ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. If you’re in the Newtownards area, you can depend on AT Designs for energy saving. Get in touch with a member of our team on 07736 332 220 to discuss your needs. You can also depend on us for building architecture and design. Have a look at some finished jobs for a better idea of the type of work you can expect from us.

Affiliation with EPC Belfast

We’re affiliated with EPC Belfast. Due to this, all of our energy assessments are carried out in-house.

What you receive

We provide the following energy conservation work:

  •  EPC reports
  •  SAP calculations
  •  Air pressure testing of dwellings
  •  Infra-red thermal imaging and code for sustainable homes

Expert advice

AT Designs can find out and work with you to correct any systems that are not quite energy efficient. We’ll then offer you advice on what you can do to reach top standards of energy efficiency.